Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Bagwood lake 28-06-10

Andy being shown how to hold a Carp
Most of the Carp were caught using Sweetcorn.
I'm sworn to secrecy about the rest of the groundbait
and freeby's.
These Carp are hyper active and would not stay still.
As for rigs used! Dont ask me I'm a wolly with a trolley!
Big Rusty supplied the rigs all tackle tart rigs.
Fair shout Rusty good of you.
Even Divies with Bivies had trouble holding these Carp .

The only other fish caught were Skimmer Bream.
Nice day, nice weather, nice company.
What more does one want.

Bagwood lake 28-06-10

Russell's birthday treat was a day at his favorite
I turned up just after 07.30 (thats when the car park gate was opened)
Big Rusty and little Rusty had just caught
these two carp.
Big Rusty, Little Rusty and his Dad
land another Carp.
Nice Ghost Carp caught by Little Rusty
I managed on of 13.3ld
Little Rusty's dad first ever Carp
Andy Cod no Carp is now
Andy Cod one Carp.
Well done Andy

Thursday, 24 June 2010

More from Bagwood

Not that Micro Cat again
Mind you it takes two to get the bait out there.
One to hold the rod and let the line out
the other uses the remote control to get the bait over the
required spot.
Thats Russell still playing the Carp
This is little Rusty!
The Carp anglers favourite position at 10.45 in
the morning.
"Sweet dreams" (How big is Little Rusty?)

Bagwood lake 24-06-10

My eldest son Russell went to Bagwood lake
to fish wednesday night and thursday.
He managed a 19ld carp and 12 Skimmer Bream over night.
I meet up with him just after 9am.
Around 10am he had a run which produced
this Carp.

I guess he looks happy but its
not the biggie he wants
A veiw of Rusty playing the Carp
What a shame the Carp anglers can't cast!
They use Bait Boats.
This is Russells Micro Cat


Friday, 18 June 2010

Baltic Wharf 18-06-10

With the casters and maggots left over from wednesday
I used a brown crumb, Beet, Gros Gardons, and lake
Ground bait. Also a special seed mix.
With six orange size balls of ground bait in straight away
loose fed maggots, casters and seed every few minutes and put in.
Straight away the float bobed and a small roach was in the
keep net.
With this 1ld ish Skimmer Bream coming to the net
after about 20 minutes.

Then a steady flow of Skimmers
to 2ld 9oz were netted
This net weighed 6ld 7oz.
This was the largest Skimmer at 3 ld 15oz
I could not get it to 4ld.
This net came to 3ld 4oz
Total net weight was 26ld 2oz.
Best days fishing down the docks EVER!
I was using 5ld main line with 2ld 8oz hook lenght to size 16 hook.
I fished the pole at 7mtrs with a number 8 and 5 elastic.
Foats used were a 2gr sensas Deque and 1.25gr Series f.
Most of the Skimmers were taking the baits on the drop with float not cocking
or being pulled under.
Weather was sunny then cloudy back to sunshine,
then the thicker cloud came over as I packed up.
Light breaze now and again.
Most of the fish were caught when there was cloud cover
or the boats were about.

Snuff Mill 16-06-10

The river coarse fishing season started today.
So off I toddled to the River Frome at Snuff Mill
Useing a 13ft float rod and small Crow quill Avon float
to size 16 hook.
Also a 7ft 3/4 fly rod.
Bait was Maggots, Casters and bread.
First fish was a a small Minnow to Maggot on the float rod.
Next was a Chub of 2ld 1oz. It took a
floated piece of bread free lined under the trees
on the fly rod.
It was to dark to get a photo of the Chub under the trees.

A move to a new swim

This tiny Trout took double red Maggot
on the Crow quill, it gave a very spirited fight for its size.
Then more Minnows like this one even with
a fair amount of liquidised bread going in.
Back down stream and a new swim.
First cast produced this slightly larger Trout, (nice to see
the trout are spawning successfully).
Then over the next 45 minutes I managed
4 of my favorite fresh water fish ROACH.

The water clear and very slow with a gusty down stream wind,
not the best but still a very goo 4 hour session.