Friday, 28 June 2013

River Avon, Lacock 28-06-13

First time to this Amalgamated Fisheries venue
Andrew and myself decided
to explore the swims and get a feel for
the water.
Arriving around 7am we walked down stream
checking and feeding some likely swims.
We then chose to float fish first with feeder rod
made up for back up.
With plenty of small Roach,
Dace, Chub, Perch, Gudgeon and Minnows
from the off,we settled in for
some peaceful fishing.
Just after 8am, I caught
this 4lb 6oz Chub
on a 14 hook with Maggot bait
and loose feed.
Second best Chub for me. 
 There are some very nice swims
the banks are very high in 
places and with the early rain were 
very slippery.
As poor Andrew found out.
 Fortunately he was not hurt.
Plenty of snags, reeds and
cabbages make for a great venue.
 There are some long glides for trotting a float
and deep holes for feeder fishing.

The fish have spawned here 
as there were loads of fry
in the shallows. 
Good to see.
We packed at 3pm having caught a
good number of smaller fish each.
Nothing bigger than 1/2lb.
Other baits that caught
were bread, caster worm 
and various pellets.

The bites slowed down
when the sun came came out.

What a wonderful venue
with great company.

Where have the fish gone down Baltic Wharf 25-06-13

A morning at the Wharf
produced this Silver Eel 
Three Roach, 1 Rudd,
3 Dace and 3 Pearch.
The biggest fish was a
1/2lb Roach.
Missed quite a few bites, not sure why.
Maggot over groundbait,
Hemp and Casters.
Fished 7am till 12noon.

The thursday evening matches are having the same problem
Odd Bream but mainly small

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Frome again. 23-06-13.

A couple of hours spare from caring
for the misses today,
produced more tiddlers.
I hoped for more flow
but we did not have 
enough rain.
This Dace was one of the biggest.
I also managed a nice roach
of around 6oz.
I lost a Bream of around 2lb
my fault for fishing with light tackle.
 Where are the bigger fish?
They are there and very shy, thankfuly.
There seems to be a lot 
anglers who don't know what they are doing and
won't take any advice.
Great shame we need to be able to help these anglers 
to fish properly and
to handle the fish.
No need to hold a fish
with a dry cloth.
Bare hand or damp cloth.

This is a snaggy swim not good 
for light lines.
I love this light weight

Off to the Avon or Baltic Wharf this week
if everthing stays settled on the home front.

Small Trout amongst other fish 18-06-13

Andrew had a hard week at work
so took a brake and we spent a couple of hours
down the Frome.
The fishing was not the best
but I managed a few tiddlers as usual.
Best of the bunch was this 
Brown Trout
weighed in at 1lb 1oz.
Caught on maggot over maggot
to a 14 hook.
I'm glad to say it was returned
Nice evening
which helped Andrew
in his labours.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Opening day of 2013 / 2014 river season. 16-06-13

Here at last
and on Fathers Day.
So my youngest son
Andrew ask where I would like to go.
Well I have a liking to the
Upper Avon.
Arriving around 06.30
we set up a feeder rod 
and float rod each.
Various baits were taken tried.
The fishing was hard,
and only small were had.
Other anglers also had the same results.
Andrew taking an early
lead with a small Dace.
 Time for another feeder
of maggot and casters.
 We tried a number of swims
but the fish were not hungry.
I used various styles of feeder and floats, hooks
and bait combinations.
But the larger fish did not want to play.
This was my best on the day
a 7oz Perch.
Andrew had one about the same
I think Andrew won on weight
and I had the most fish,
so we agreed with a draw.
There was a light drizzle
from 10ish onwards, a light breeze
and warm.
Andrew was learning
the intricacies of fishing with a
Centre Pin reel. 
All in all a very enjoyable trip.
It is so quiet there.
Thank you Andrew for grand day out.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I've been out walking the Bristol Frome.

It was slow and green
and at the usual summer

What was strange, was the lack of fish coming to
bread and other baits
I have been offering.

What wasn't very good 
were the number of anglers fishing.
What's the point of having a 
a close season if its not being 

Never mind,
hope this yuk weather is going to move on
as I will be fishing a river
Not the Frome.
(To many walkers on a weekend)

MAGIC 16th June!

Using up left over bait. 09-06-13. Rockingham

High tide today was at
09.00 and 12.1mtrs.

Looking at the
Sea Bank power station
and the grass bank from the mud.

I started fishing at 
First cast produced a small
12 inch Codling,
on a pennel pulley rig
loaded with Lug, Squid
and Crab.

About an hour latter
I had an other
Drop back bite which again produced
a slightly larger Codling.
This fell to the same rig.

There was a 
light easterly breeze
and warm.

Packed up at 10am
as the bait had run out.
Without any more

 Avonmouth across the mud.

Rockingham sunday 08-06-13

Tacking Squid, Lug, Rag and Peeler crab
I started fishing with the usual rigs
at 06.30.

High tide was at 08.30 
and 12.2mtrs.

Well what is there to say,
light north east wind
and quite warm.

Not a bite or rattle.

Pretty poor
but nice morning.