Saturday, 23 February 2013

Chilly and clear River Frome 23-02-13

Two hours down the Frome
produced very little.

The banks are being wrecked by all
the dogs that are down there now.
Not only leaving the banks muddy
but they are also eroding
 I only managed two bites today.
The first produced this 
1lb 6oz Chub.
It was caught on a size 18
with 2 white and a red maggot.
I loose feed 3 or 4 maggots
every minute or so.
 The second fish was a 
tiny minnow. It was only sucking
a maggot and not on the hook.
As can be seen 
the water had that chilly
frosty green colour
and about 5 foot visibility.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Pole trip called off.

Well with the temperature
so low -3,
I decided to stay in bed.

I might try with rod and line later.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

What's next?

I think it will be the pole down
Snuff Mill way.

Blank down Rockingham 15-02-13

Well I had a longer escape chit,
so headed to the grass bank 
down Rockingham way.

Nice sunny morning
with light southerly wind.

High water was 12.7mtr
at 10.16.
I fished 08.00 till 11.30.

Three rods were used including my
my carp rod.
Rigs were the usual as well as
a three hook paternoster rig.

Baits were Lug, Rag and Squid.

Well it produced a big fat blank.
I had a few little rattles on the carp rod close in.

Sorry no photos were taken.

Monday, 11 February 2013

River Frome 11-02-13

Only an hour to spare today
so I cycled
down to have a look
at the River Frome.

The river Frome feeling a little out of sorts today.
 It had dropped
about 6 inches
since the rain yesterday.
 The colour was about right to catch
as was the flow.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bristol Frome again 09-02-12

Had another couple of hours free
So popped down to the Frenchay 
area again.

I tried 5 swims this time including the ones 
from last time.

Plenty of Minnows showed
this time
as well as this 2lb 7oz Chub.
The only other species caught was
a tiny 

Plenty of walkers and dogs
down there so
guess I'll
fish on weekdays
from now on. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Second fishing trip of the year,
was to the Bristol Frome.

Maggot was the bait
and used my Centre pin reel 
and waggler rod.
Fishing from 
09.30 till 12.00.

I had great time only fishing
two swims.
The second swim produced 
4 Roach all over 1lb.
This was the best at
1lb 12oz.
 I also had 4 small trout
the best was
 The first swim produced
2 small Dace
and two Chub,
both over 2lb.
This was best at
2lb 15oz.
Also hungry today were
Loads of Minnows.
Top 2 1/2 hours fishing.