Monday, 29 December 2014

An other Limpley blank. 28-12-14

Well the title says it all.
I got to the bank at 10am,
I fed three swims
and set up on one.

The Avon was coffee coloured and 
had good pace.
There was still a good frost on the ground,
which did not lift in the shade all day.
I must admit I thought it would 
fish well.

Well how wrong could I be.
Not a touch in any of the swims.
I used the same baits and rigs,
as my last trips.

Well with no action
there was nothing to report.

A Dab Chick,
Lesser Grebe,
kept diving on the apposite side
helped keep the spirit up.

One thing that did not bode 
well for the future
was the number Cormorants
flying past.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year
to all my Blog followers.


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas trip to the Bristol Avon 23-12-14

07.00 this morning I got out of my car
at Limpley Stoke.
Having driven through rain all the way from Bristol,
I was surprised to find it dry.
Well I set up a usual ledger rig BUT
I put a groundbait feeder on instead.
Loading it with a groundbait mix
and pellets.
The hook length was four foot long
with a size 6 with a hair rig.
On the hook I put a Halibut bollie
and Maggots.
The second rod was
a float rod with a home made
goose quill float.
The feeder rig was cast out to
a crease just short of half way.
I cast this one out every 10 minutes or so.
The float was baited with Maggots (these 
I had flavoured with  Turmeric).
Well around 8.30 I had shy bite, then the rod tip
pulled round. 
I lifted into the bite and bingo fish on.
The usual Chub tussle and the fish was in
the weeds at the bank. But no problem
a short pull and this 3lb 6 1/4 oz Chub was in the net.
 The float rod only had one blip
as a possible bite, so I put it aside and got out my
other feeder rod.
This one had a Maggot feeder, which I cast under an overhanging
bush to my left.
This rig also failed to attract any attention.
All the time my first rod was slowly
piling in the ground bait.
The occasional  rod tip movement
showed there was some interest still.
An hour later another pull round on the rod tip,
and Chub No 2 was on its way to the net.
This one did not fight so hard, I found out why
when I had it in the net.
As can be seen this 3lb 5oz fella
had an injury that was healing over.
I'm not sure what caused this, the other side of the Chub
had no injury at all.
 So its heading towards 10.00am
and I have to decide whether to move or not.
In the end I decided to stay put and keep trying.
Well there was still signs of interest, so I  
settled down to see what happened.
Well as I intended to head home to do what was waiting to be done
at 1pm. I started to pack up around 12.50.
With my back to my rods, my son who popped down for a chat
shouted that the groundbait rod was doing a merry dance.
Well the third and final Chub, 3lb 9 1/4oz,
came in to the net.
What a magic session.
One of the best parts of the day
was the rain kept away till I had packed up.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Out at last. OR. Unlucky 13th.

At last, escape chit in the bits box,
frost scraped off the wind screen
I headed up to Limply Stoke.
The Avon was up, brown and flowing.
I had fed a few swims as usual 
and set up by 07.15.
There was a shallow mist across the fields
and mist rising off the river.
Over the next couple of hours
all my equipment turned white with frost,
and the eyes on the rod froze.

 From the first boillie baited cast
leaves were a real problem.
Some times lifting the bait like a kite.
Bait presentation was just about impossible.
So after two hours I moved to 
my second swim.
This one also proved to be
problematic, with snags everywhere.
Time for my next swim.
This one had a back eddy 
under my feet and a good crease
with a strong flow down the middle.
 I put one rod under an over hanging bush
to my left and one out to the crease.
Using various baits
from paste to Boillie and pellets to meat,
I failed to get even a tickle of a bite.
It was great to see a couple of male
Goldcrests in the trees,
as well a Little Egret flying past.
So a beautiful day out, I enjoyed
the wildlife and fishing, even if I didn't catch.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Still not fishing.

Still looking after the Good Lady
Just can't find the time to escape.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Got the bug!

I have the flu / cold bug that's going around
so no fishing again this week.
Should be out next week.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Friday, 21 November 2014

Not fishing at the moment?

Looking after the wife again
so hence no fishing.
Out again next week
if alls good.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Short session down Rockingham 05-11-14

A free evening saw me take Squid
Rag and Lug
to fish and watch some fire works.
With high water at 6 pm
my first cast was at 4 pm.
First cast produced a very dark Codling
which took the Rag and was just under the legal limit.
As the tide was still some distance from the
bank, I put it in a pool so it would stay alive.
I then noticed the other rod had signs of interest'
Sure enough a normal coloured Codling
had taken the Lug baited rig.
This photo shows the different
colours of the two Codling
Well for the next 2 hours there was a steady
flow of Codling coming in.
In the end I packed up at 6.30
having used up 1/4ld of Rag and 1/4ld
of Lug, as well as 3 whole Squid
and had nothing else to use.
I was using 4/0 Pennel Pulley rigs.
High water 13.5mtrs a 6pm
and came well over the top.
Because the wind was light
north westerly and high pressure I 
felt it was safe to fish there.
If however the wind was strong west 
to south west,
I would fished else where.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Ladye Bay 31-10-14

Down to the ledges to test my ankle out
on hard rough ground ,
as well as deeper water.

High water was at  12.02 
and 10.8 mtrs .
Bait taken was rag and Squid
with two 4/0 hooked pennel pulley rigged rods.
Getting there just before 7.30
I did not have to climb down 
as the tide was already over the reef.
So two casts produced two birdies.
 Well a few minutes of fiddling and 
one was back out and sitting nicely without any bouncing in the tide.
Second one needed complete respooling.
This done a couple of practice casts settled the line down
and a whole Squid was out calling anything out there
to breakfast.
The rag rod produced a Pouting, 
which I kept and used later as bait.
The Squid produced a Codling of about
8 inches which was returned.
As the tide got higher the bites and rattles 
were less frequent.
By now there were around 12 other anglers
all having the same result as me.
The person on my left who had a 
lighter setup to mine, manged 4 small
Codling and Doggies (Cat sharks).

Well I eventually had a small Dogie
on Squid and Pouting fillet.
By now the tide was on the turn
and as there was no other interest,
I packed up and headed home.
One good thing was that I had no problem
with my ankle,
and managed my first run
for 16 weeks
again with out any trouble.
So back to normal.
Might be on the Avon tomorrow
if all's good on the home front.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

More Codling, 25-10-14

With left over Squid and Rag worm
I was down on the grass bank
by 06.30.
High water was at 08.48 and same height as yesterday 12.9 mtrs.
It started drizzling as I drove down but stopped when I got there.
Setting up with two rods with  pulley rigs
and the standard specimen rod for in close work.
First cast with Rag worm produced an
undersized Codling in less than five minutes.
Next rod out loaded with whole Squid
also produced an undersized Codling quickly.
The rag rod then pulled out to give another small Codling.
Well three Codling 20 minutes not bad. BUT all had to be returned.
Well, over the next hour I had another
three Codling, two were keepers.
What was different to yesterday, was 
how the wind pushed the tide up over the bank.
 These two photos show how the tide pushed 
over the top of the bank.
Well with only one more Codling at the top of the tide
the bites stopped.
The close in rod only managed a couple of
small bites but no fish.
There as little more wind but very light showers.
The rain came down again after I got home.
Another very enjoyable fishing trip.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Back to Rockingham 24-10-14

For my first sea trip of the Cod season,
I decided to pop down to my favorite
High water was at 08.12 and 12.9mtrs.
I arrived at 06.00.
Setting up my usual 4/0 - 3/0 pennel pulley rig
loaded with whole Squid,
and 1/0 wishbone rig
loaded with Rag worm.
Immediately I started getting bites,
good rattles and then had 
a good pull down and drop back on the 
pennel rig.
Unfortunately what ever it was
did not catch on the hooks.
So a fresh whole squid was cast back out.
The first Codling to be banked
came in 10 minutes later.
It took the Squid rig and weighed in
2lb 4oz.
There then followed a number rattles which
resulted in two more Codling on the
wishbone rig which were under sized.
I then set up my specimen rod 
for a bit of in close work.
This used a flowing trace rig with Rag worm.
This immediately produced a small Whiting, 
and then a Flounder.
 As can be seen from these two photos
the weather great, the forecasted rain
did not arrive until after I had packed up.
Around the top of the tide the bites stopped
only starting again about an hour
Well nine fish were caught a Flounder, a Whiting
and seven Codling was the final count.
I packed up at 09.30.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

That was the blank that was. Lipley Stoke 19-10-14

With an afternoon to spare I decided to pop
down to Limpley Stoke,
arriving at 12.00.
As my ankle is still not write
I decided to sit it out in one spot.
I beefed up the weights on both rigs
 I beefed up the weights on both rigs
and used a paste wrapped around the weight
for extra attraction.
The river was up, with a good flow and plenty of colour.
 Well as the sun went down 
the fish showed no interest at all.
Leaves and other debris were a
causing many possible indications of bites.
Well by 18.30 I was packing up
and was a little bit down in the dumps.
Wild life including
King fishers, Dippers and
were a constant distraction.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Soggy Limply Stoke. 07-10-14

In between some light showers
I was able to set up in some trees.
I had a fallen tree up stream,
an over hanging bush down stream
and a crease running from the end of
the upstream tree.
There was more flow than the last trips
 and a little

I was using the usual baits
and freebies.
There were no signs of any fish
but at least I was baiting that swim for future
One more thing that was obvious is
there were a few snags here.
Lets hope some flood water moves the snags away.
Any way with an other shower having passed
I decided to move to another spot.
When my down stream rod
pulled down then dropped back.
After a short but not very inspiring fight,
this 3lb 3oz Chub was in the net. 
 Little did I know that that would be all
the action for that day.
Apart from a few more showers.
Two more swims were tried,
 but nothing was playing the game.
So after 5 hours and three swims
and another big shower on its way,
I legged it to the car at 12 noon..
Just in time as it turned out
because a heavy hail storm started just as I
got in to the car.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Bank clearing!

Went out yesterday to do a bit of bank clearing.
A spot which has not been touched this year.
So I'll get some bigger weights out  
for next week, after the rain due 
saturday and monday.
Could be fun!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A few more Chub 01-10-14

Back across to Limpley Stoke.
Using the usual rods and bait but adding
some homemade paste of various flavours.
I set up at may favorite swim.
I had regular rattles on both rods,
but it was not until 4.10 pm
when I caught my first Chub.
It weighed 4lb 4 1/4oz
and fought like it was in charge.
It had definitely been scoffing
the loose fed pellets I had put in
when I first arrived. 
 Twenty minutes later
a 3lb 7oz fella was on the bank.
Again showing the extra weight
they seem to be putting on.
This one had quite a few marks on it
where t had won battles with
other predators.
 Half an hour later
this 3lb 4oz chap was in the net
and smiling for the camera.
 Fish number 4 was a 3lb 6oz
and again well fed.
With my ankle starting to sort its self out
I hope to start checking out more swims.
I am getting bored of only fishing
one or two swims.
All the Chub were
caught when the sun was
hiding behind the clouds.

So I will try fishing in the trees when my ankle is sorted.

Whinge of the day!!!!

Some bloke on a canal boat on the K & A canal
across the river was having 
a shouting match with some one on his mobile.
Pity the other boat owners up there.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Early session on the Frome. 18-09-14

An early dark walk up to the chosen swim,
and setting up as quietly as possible,
did not help.
I used pole at 10 - 13mtrs
using maggot, caster and hemp
loose fed over ground bait.
I used a 0.5grm and 1.00grm
with 3lb main line and 1 1/2lb hook length
and size 18 up to 14 hooks.
Loose feeding around 6 maggots and caster
on a regular interval, 
as well as half a pouch of hemp.
This American Signal Crayfish
and one other were trundling 
around the shallow area in front of my swim.

 I fished the hook from 12 inches over depth
to 12 inches off the bottom
without getting much action.
As can be seen one small roach and a Dace
with plenty of Minnows was the end result.
I took the keep net out early
to let it dry out a bit before packing up.
In the end I packed up early after 3 1/2 hours,
mainly because of the dogs and there owners.
Next time I will try trotting

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Late rush at Limpley Stoke. 16-09-14

 I have just got to the first of my chosen swims
and exactly where I want to put my baits,
these two swans are feeding happily.
 So I tried out some other areas.
This will help when the water levels
Eventually the one under the near side
overhang  moved off.
So under went my bait.
 Well by 15.30 there was no sign off life.
So onto my main swim of the day.
This time I had signs of life straight away.
This time I was loose feeding some Casters.
and at 16.20 the first proper bite.
After a really good fight, this
3lb 1oz Chub was in the net.
 No 2 Chub was in net
20 minutes later, again putting up a really good show.
This was 2lb 9 1/2oz.
Now it was time for the swans to catch up with me
and spent an hour paddling round the swim.
 By now had managed to put out 
a fair few freebies, I could now settle down
to wait on some action.
It was not until 18.00 that I again had some signs of life.
Around 18.20 I lost a Chub to to some reeds on the 
far bank.
Then just before 19.00
I had my next Chub this time 2lb 1oz.
 By 19.45 this 3lb 13oz Chub was on the bank
and was the biggest of the day.
I had to pack up then as it was to dark to continue
In between I managed two other Chub
2lb 9oz and 3lb 3oz.
The calfs in the field are very curious
and spent a long time watching me,
they then escorted me out of the field.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

So what next?

I hope to be down on the Bristol Avon
tomorrow afternoon / evening
after taking 
"She who must be obeyed"
to hospital in the morning.

Then wednesday morning
on the pole on
Bristol Frome.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The worm, the maggot and the sweetcorn.

Took the pole down to the
Bristol Frome
this morning for a short explore
of a swim I've not fished for a
good few years.

Fortunately there were no snags in it,
so  no tackle was lost.

Starting just after 6.30 am,
I fed a small pouch of hemp
and 4 - 5 maggots every few minutes
over a small bed of ground bait.

I caught a minnow on
double red maggot on a size 14 hook
first put in.
Then a small 6" Trout
took a white and red maggot.
A few more Minnows decided
they were hungry before 
I caught a nice Dace.

The Minnows even took a whole
worm with a grain of sweetcorn
and a Maggot cocktail on a size 16 hook.

This is how it continued
till 10.00.
So I guess I ended up with
a couple of pound,
which is not quite what I expected.

One good thing is that a swim
which didn't have any fish in it last year
now has a small head of Chub,
so I will take my Centre Pin 
down for a bit gentle trotting.

But that will have to wait for next week
as no free time till then.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Landing net handle!

Managed to use an old piece 
of a damaged pole to line
the inside of the damaged handle.
Glued in with Arildite.
Then glued the connecting ferrule
in. Let it dry and bingo 
it works.

Proof is in the using.

Fingers crossed.

Hopefully saving £50 plus.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Cows, fish and broken landing net handle.

Having decided on a plan to look at the swims 
at Limply Stoke and get to know the features.
I took the usual kit plus the float rod
and maggots over ground bait.

On arriving at the field at 12.00, I was
surprised to find a small herd of calfs.
I mixed the ground bait and and put in 
three orange size balls straight away
plus some maggots and pellets.

I first of all set up the usual ledger rods,
and cast out to both banks down stream.

Then I settled down to loose feed
6 - 10 maggots every few minutes
down the float line.

I now heard some snuffling behind me
and turned round to find the calfs
taking an interest in what I was doing.
Well they got bored quite quickly
and went back to eating grass.

I started getting some interest
on the far bank rod and
so extended the landing net handle
and placed it on the edge of the bank.
The far bank rod then pulled round
and a Chub then ran towards the
rushes. I manged to turn it and the fish then
tried to get into some reeds 
 in the middle of the river.
Well again it failed to get to them.
I bent down to pick up the landing net
when "CRACK" the landing net handle 
So with only half a handle
I had to jump down the six foot
to the bottom of the bank.
Well I landed the Chub and then had to
climb back up. Not to easy with my bad ankle.
Anyway this 2lb 12oz Chub
was my prize.
 The youngsters were back but soon
turned away bored.
 Anyway a few trots down the float line
proved that only small fish were
showing interest in the maggots.
I decided to drop a ledgered pellet
on the ground bait and sat back to
await the out come.
Half an hour later,
 after an other visit from the locals,
The pellet gobbled down the pellet
and this 2lb 15oz fella was in the net.
 With another Chub to the far bank
rod coming in at 2lb 8oz,
I then went back to the float.
I had a very pleasant hour and a half
 Dace, small Chub and minnows.
The float line was in line with the
rod rest down a drop off.
Well as it was getting dark
I packed up and said good bye 
to my little friends.

I am now trying to repair
the landing net handle
and look for a new one.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Down Limpley Stoke way. 03-09-14

At long last I managed
an escape trip.
So popped down to Limpley Stoke
to try out a new venue.
This seemed the best spot
for a short walk with an iffy ankle.

I started fishing at 14.00 and pre baited 
4 swims.
So settled into swim 1.
This was between to  over hanging trees
Not much room to manoeuver here
but it looked really fishie.
If there were fish in the swim
they were at home watching
the T.V.
On rod was over the far bank
 with boillie and the other down the near side
with pellet.
Not a touch.
So after 2 hours i 
moved on to swim two.
 This swim again looked like
it could also throw up
a Chub or two.
Well with the same set up as before I settled
down to see what was around.
I started getting some signs of life,
 with the far bank rod nodding and
In the end the rod tip kept nodding
gently so I decided to lift the rod.
This 3lb 4 1/4oz Chub was on but not very
exited, putting up a very poor showing.
I weighed and photographed it
then left it in the keep net
so it would not upset the rest.
 That idea did not work as there was no 
further sign of life.
On to the next swim,
this one had a lot of cabbage leaves
With some streamer weed in places.
Looking for gaps in the vegetation
I used the same tactics,
this time the results were the same.
No signs of life.
I left at 20.00.

I met another fisherman
who only managed 2 Chub.

Well I need to spend more time there.
It was great to get back onto the bank
and the ankle held up.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Back to fishing soon?

Well the ankle is mending slowly
so I hope to get out next week some time.

I have not been out running so I
will not being running the
Bristol 1/2 marathon
next month.

Lets hope I can get out running soon so I
can run the
Stroud 1/2
in October.

Monday, 28 July 2014


Went out for a short
tester run.

Not good no change
the ankle is still

Friday, 25 July 2014

Plantar Fasciitis?

Well that's whats wrong with my ankle / heel.

Rest, exercises and Ibuprofen gel
is the treatment. 

Well I'll be out next tuesday if all's well.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


No fishing for now as I've injured my right ankle.
No fishing or running for me for a while.

Its bad news as I've got a 1/2 marathon
run in September and need to train for it.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Last time at Lacock? We'll see. 17-07-14

Yep back up Lacock
for 5.30am.
Then the long trudge to my chosen swims.
At the first I found two Badgers
snuffling around the field.
This one did not see me as walked past.
Only when I got the camera out did it get 
camera shy and leg it. 
 So a gentle flip of the free lined Boillie
down the near bank, and I sat down to wait 
for the fish to take an interest.
Well after 40 minutes or so a
pull on the rod and I had a Chub on.
2lb 10oz.
Great start but no more interest,
and time for swim two.
Now this one usually produces 
a couple of Chub.
But only a 1lb 9oz Chub showed 
it licked my bait.
So swim three,
this was another new swim for me.
Dropping a light ledgered bait
on the far bank under a hangover bush
and a free lined one on the near bank.
This produced the best Chub of the day
2lb 13oz on the free lined bait.
 Shortly after the other rod was hit by a
2lb 11oz fella. 
Then these to young swans
decided it was time for me to move on.
Now it started to brighten up
after a dull start.
So swim four and I could see
7 or 8 Chub up to around 3 1/2lb
could be seen. Again the
the free lined bait was dropped in,
I watched them race around the bait with plenty of
line bites.
They were trying to knock the bait off the
hook, which they managed to do.
So using to small baits, I
Gently dropped them near to some 
weed mid flow.
A few loose feeds were introduced
and that had the desired effect.
A cracking tussle and a 2lb 7oz
chap was on the bank.
The fish had now disappeared.
So next swim and a 2lb 9oz chub
came out to play.
The next swim produced a blank
so a 12 noon I headed home.
Another cracking days fishing.
I have now fished all the swims at the venue
so I'm looking for some where new.
Watch this space.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

A pleasant afternoon evening with my son. 10-07-14

Andrew said he would meet me 
up at Lacock at 3pm, 
so I started in the first field under a tree
until he arrived.
I set up a boillie ledgered under a
raft of rubbish.
Then used maggot trotting down
the near side.
This produced around 30
roach,dace, chub, minnow
and perch.
One of the Minnows was taken by 
something which didn't play very hard
but stayed deep.
Eventually it spat the now
rather squashed Minnow out.
I would love to have seen it.

Andrew arrived and off we went to feed a few swims
and the fish them on the back.
In the first few swims there were plenty of rattles
and knocks but nothing on the bank.
A change of rig to give a better
flowing trace style and straight away
the result was different.
The first knock produced a
good pull on the rod and something heavy
was on the end, it pulled like mad
and eventually headed under a fallen log.
This fish was lost as it snagged the rig with the hook length snapping.

In the last swim I finally landed a
better Chub. This one was 1lb 8oz. 
 Then just at last knocking
this 2lb 5oz Chub took the bait.
Well that ended a great evening with good fishing, good surroundings
and very good company.
Roll on the next trip out.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Back to the pole. 03-07-14

Back down to the Bristol Frome
with the pole.
I fished about 10 yards up from
my last trip as there was an other
angler close to it.

Well using the same ground bait
with casters, hemp and sweetcorn
mixed in.

Over that I fed loose maggot, caster
hemp and sweetcorn.

This time I struggled to get a bite, except for
Minnows. I even caught them on size 14 hooks????

Well after an hour or so,
the float just moved very slowly
in circles, an other Minnow,
thinks I.
So I only made a gentle strike,
when the elastic, No5, 
pulled out and kept pulling.
Well this Trout did not realize 
it had been hooked.
It did eventually wake up
and raced around, as Trout do.
It weighed 2lb 9 3/4oz
but I reckon it could 3lb when its got
its condition back. It was really skinny.
The strange thing was it took
sweetcorn at 13 meters.
Well it was back to the Minnows
until around 6pm.
Then I had a Rudd, small Chub
and my first Roach of the season
at 16 meters.
By 6.45 I decided I'd had enough
of Minnows,
shipping 16 meters of pole
in and out is hard work for a Minnow.

The river needs a bit of rain to put some colour flow
the cheer it up.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What a difference a weekend makes. 30-06-14

Decided to try a few more swims
up Lacock way.
So with the usual baits 
plus a new one for me,
I plonked down in the first of
6 swims I would fish at 11.00.
Well that was the start of one of the most 
frustrating days fishing I've had in a long time.
Having fed most of the swims on the way down
to this one.
It was a sweeping bend,
with me on the inside.
There were plenty of Dace, Roach and and small Chub.
I plonked a larger bait on the 
Cabbages over the far side,
with a small bait down the near side.
Straight away, both rods were
dancing around like there was a gale blowing.
Great me thinks something
should be taking my bait soon.
No chance!
Just the tips doing the Cha Cha Cha.
How ever the hour I sat there
I watched the small fish having 
a great time eating the small pellet
I was trickling in.
Tacking a float rod next time.

Well its time to move on and
into the next swim.
Again the same result as the last swim.
This time I did manage 
a chub of 1lb 9 3/4oz.
Again the dancing rod tips
were highly frustrating.

On to swim 3.
The same again,
again, dancing tips,
and lots of little fish
up to 1/2lb.
Now on to Peg 4.
This on had a big raft 
that covered the whole
width of the river.
Again one rod to the far bank 
and one under the near bank.
This time the tips didn't move.
By now one thing was very obvious
the there was plenty of signs
that there had been a lot
of fishermen on the banks
since my last visit.
Then on to swim 5,
This is the one I caught a Barbel on last year.
This time I blanked again but with the usual dancing tips.

 Final swim.
Back to the swim I had the big Chub
last time.
Again dancing tips
which did eventually produced a 9oz Chub.

I think I will mainly
trot the river next time
with my light quiver tip
on stand by.