Friday, 20 February 2009

First Point Ladye Bay

Park in Bay Road, Clevedon.
Take the steps down from the road at start of the double yellow lines.
Follow along the path to the right follow the path for about 200yrds.
There is a path to the left, take this path and bingo thats it.
Put your climbing boots on.
First Point, Ladye Bay, at Clevedon.
This is the way down. There is a path up there somewhere.
This spot is very slippery and very strong currents.
Also watch out for the drops.
To the left and right its quite clean ground / sand.
How ever the current will drag your rigs into the rocks
so take care.

The weather was warm and calm.
Look at this at 07.30.

This is the view to the left.
Ladye Bay is far left and Clevedon Pier in the dack ground.
What did I catch?
This bait robbing crab!

I used Rag worm, Mackeral and Squid.
Rigs were size 1 - 3/0 and 3/0 - 3/0 Pennell Pulley rigs.
Casting 60 to 100 yards.

Friday, 13 February 2009

They are getting bigger

Fished the Yacht Club at Portishead yesterday


High tide was at 09.04 and was 14.2mtrs.

Used size 1 - 3/0 pennel pulley live bait rigs

with Ragworm as bait.

Only fish of the day was this little Codling.

Which as can be seen was released alive
and happy.

As can be seen the upper channel and estuary
was full of flood run off. Worst I've seen it for a long time.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Wish I'd gone fishing

Took a walk down to the River Frome.
I should have taken a rod, reel and kit,
Dug up some worms from the composter and
nicked some bread from the kitchen.
The river was just right for trotting
bread flake or worm.
I'll go and get some maggots this weekend

This streatch is Ideal for trotting an Avon float
or Crowquill Avon float.
I just hope there is not too much salt draining in to it.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Next fishing trip

I hope to get out again next Thursday / Friday.

Thusday's tide.
09.04 and 14.2 mtrs.

Friday's tide.
09.40 and 13.8mtrs.
I hope to be fishing here
the Yacht club,


here, The cottage.