Monday, 20 October 2008

Severn Beach again 19-10-08

Oh dear, what a trip.
Fished from 07.30 and finished 12.30.
High tide at 10.42 and 12.6mtrs.
Bait:- Rag, Squid and Mackeral.
Rigs were
two Pennell Pulleys one with 1/0 hooks and 3/0 hooks on the other.
Baits were straight rag, Squid / Mackeral and Squid / Mackeral / Rag cocktails.
One fish landed????!!!!!!
This little Whiting was foul hooked throgh the gills.
The personon the left in the red over black coat caught a nice
6 1/2ld Codling, weighed on my scales. Well done that person.
It was his only bite?

In total I counted 32 fishermen.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Baltic Wharf, Bristol Docks 13-10-08

Baltic Wharf is at the Avon Gorge end of the Bristol Docks.
The water is between 9 and 18 feet deep.
There can (in the summer) be a lot of boats moving up and down.
As can be seen by the photo below it is a pavers / concrete bank.
This veiw is looking towards Bristol City Centre and the S.S. Great Britain.
This veiw is looking towards the Cumberland Basin
and the Locks to the river Avon and Bristol Channel.

Fish that can be caught here are Mullet (below)
Flounder, Trout, Roach, Skimmer Bream, Carp, Perch and Dace.
Some nice Roach can be seen in the photo above plus a Skimmer

and a Roach.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sever Beach 10-10-08

Went down to the Severn Beach with bait left over from
a trip to New Passage last Wednesday.
After a right awful start when I could not get anything right
I finally caught a Snotty.
With the tide about 2hrs from high, I was able to get up on
top of the rocks and settle down.
The tide was at 16.42 and 10mtrs
The weather was great light southerly wind and nice and warm.
Baits were Rag, Lug, Squid and Mackeral.
With 1hr to high tide my Squid / Macky Cocktail on a Pennell Pully rig
was pulled out the the bottom and tacken down tide in a classic drop back bite.
A 5 minute wind in produced a 5 / 6ld Conger.
The crab during this time were ripping the worm baits to shreds
in less than 10 minutes.
1 1/2hours after the top as I was starting to pack up
my Lug /Rag cocktail on a pulley rig as well,
started to bounce around and then headed up tide.
Smart and after a really good fight this 12 / 15ld
conger came on to the shore.
It scarred two Polish women who thought it was a Cod? I wish!
I just would not stop riggling about.
A nice finish to a strange fishing day.
Two other anglers also fishing but they only managed two pin Whiting.
Next trip Pole fishing down Bristol Dock early next week.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Severn Beach 03-10-08 part 2

Severn Beach is a very popular venue at this time of the year,
and is an early cod season venue.
How to get there.
From the M5 JUNCTION 17 take the B4055 and continue to Severn Beach
Turn right on to Beach road and park.
Follow the path to the top of the sea wall and choose your peg.
This is a photo of the lower prom as I call it.
Plenty of room along here.
Don't cast too far you don't need to , and the tide
is to strong most of the time.
On tides over 13mtrs this this path can get flooded
thats were all the rubbish in the next two photos came from.

This photo shows (in the back ground) the upper prom.

This is used on tides larger than 12.5 mtrs.

Very tight on a weekend tide at times

especially from September to December.

Fishermen can be seen at the southern end of the prom.The Severn Beach should have been called Severn Mud

You can see why in this photo.

The height of the Lower sea defence wall can be seen

in the photo below.

A tide of 9mtrs just gets to the bottom of these rocks.

Severn Beach 03-10-08

Dinner at last.
This 25 inch codling was the first fish of the day and one
three codling caught. The other two were 12 and 9 inchs
and went back to swim another day.
Als0 caught were two conger,
one of around 3lds
and this one between 8 and 10ld

Two snottys were also caught.

The conger and snottys were all released and swam off.
The tide 1 and a 1/2 hours after high water.

More info will be posted later.