Thursday, 25 September 2008

Whiting and Bass

Fished Ladye Bay 07.00 till 12.00
Low tide at 11.10
Baits used Crab, Rag, Squid mackeral.
Rigs used were
Pennell Pulley 4/0 hooks
Pennell Pulley 1/0 hooks
Flowing trace size 1 hooks
Weather light east north easterly wind and overcast.
Temp 10c up to 14c.
First fish on the 1/0 Pennell rig, Crab and rag cocktail bait,was a small whiting 3 inches on the first cast.
Then this 8 inch whiting on the second cast and same bait.
Then three more pin Whiting.
On the Carp Rod and flowing trace
this small schoollie Bass took straight rag worm at 10 mtrs.

My third rod with 4/0 hooks and varying sized

cocktails of Mackeral, Squid, Rag and Crab,

Failed to attract any bites until my last cast when this

greedy little pin Whiting had a go at the sausage.

I had plenty of time to take a few photos

but nothing was worth taking.

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