Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Second fish of 2009, second species of 2009

Fished the Cottage between 07.00 and 11.00.
The cottage that gives this venue its name, is in the background.

This little codling was caught on the first cast,
on a size 1 hook and three rag worm,
on a pennel pulley rig.
It christened my new rod.

This is the rough ground that has to be cleared
on casting. Its a sand / mud area beyond to around 80yrds.
Then a deep drop off, if you cast into the drop off
Say good by to your rig.
The tide was 13.9mtrs at 09.24 (Avonmouth datum).
The weather was calm, frosty and clear at first. Then a misty
fog formed over on the Welsh side and then spread over
to the English side by 10.30.
In this photo a tide rip can be seen.
Don't cast much beyond this rip.

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