Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Portishead Yacht club slipway

Just before high tide, 4 rods waiting for something big??!!!

Russell took me out for a fishing trip down Portishead way.
High tide was at 12.22 and 11.5 mtrs.
As can be seen from the photos it was calm, sunny and warm
Thought it was December not October??
Russell used a 2/0 - 3/0 pennell pulley rig
and a wishbone rig (chosen by Kyle his 22 month old son)
Here two micro codling are on the wishbone rig.
Looks like my grandson is going to be a good fisherman.

The wishbone rig caught 11 codling using lug as bait, while
Russells pennell pulley rig with lug, lug / Squid cocktail only caught 1.
Micro Codling like this have been caught regularly,
Why are they not coming back as sizeable fish??!!
I got in the action with 4 micro codling on live bait
size 2 - 3/0 live bait rig pennell pulley rigs

Thats me trying to get a one of the codling to swim away,
some may say my best side????!!!!! LOL??!!!
All in all a lovely days fishing

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