Sunday, 11 April 2010

Baltic Wharf fishing 09-04-10

Fished Baltic Wharf from 08.00 - 12.00
Weather 100% great.
The only cloud about was caused by all the
contrails left by high flying aircraft.
At least you know where the Breacon Beacons are.
Baits used were
Cooked Hemp seed
Magots and Casters
This shows how calm the Basin was.
The fishing its self was poor.
I waited an hour before my first bite. A small 2oz Roach.
Over the next hour and 1/2 I managed 5 more little Roach
all taking Caster baits to size 20 hook.
The last hour and a half was spoiled by diesel being spilled
at the refueling point to my right.
The smell was very strong and no more bites were had.
Look carfully and the film of oit can be seen to the left of the date
in the photo below.

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