Friday, 18 June 2010

Baltic Wharf 18-06-10

With the casters and maggots left over from wednesday
I used a brown crumb, Beet, Gros Gardons, and lake
Ground bait. Also a special seed mix.
With six orange size balls of ground bait in straight away
loose fed maggots, casters and seed every few minutes and put in.
Straight away the float bobed and a small roach was in the
keep net.
With this 1ld ish Skimmer Bream coming to the net
after about 20 minutes.

Then a steady flow of Skimmers
to 2ld 9oz were netted
This net weighed 6ld 7oz.
This was the largest Skimmer at 3 ld 15oz
I could not get it to 4ld.
This net came to 3ld 4oz
Total net weight was 26ld 2oz.
Best days fishing down the docks EVER!
I was using 5ld main line with 2ld 8oz hook lenght to size 16 hook.
I fished the pole at 7mtrs with a number 8 and 5 elastic.
Foats used were a 2gr sensas Deque and 1.25gr Series f.
Most of the Skimmers were taking the baits on the drop with float not cocking
or being pulled under.
Weather was sunny then cloudy back to sunshine,
then the thicker cloud came over as I packed up.
Light breaze now and again.
Most of the fish were caught when there was cloud cover
or the boats were about.

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