Monday, 27 September 2010

Rockingham 27-09-10

The Codling came in two by two!
Not quite
But the wishbone rig produced 4 codling.
One was a keeper and the rest were released.
The top of the tide was at 10.01 and 12.1 mtrs.
I fished from 08.15 till 11.15
This was the first fish of the day,
a baby Codling of 2 inches.
Baits used were Lugworm, Squid, Sandeel and Bluey.
Lug worm accounted for all fish including
this little Whiting.
Not sure which type of animal
made these tracks.
It went out onto the mud
then came back dragging something along.
Was it a fox, Minx or Otter.
Guess I'll never find out.

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