Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pole fish down the Balic Wharf. 14-04-11

Popped down the Baltic Wharf this morning,
fished from 08.00 till 14.00.

I used a 3grm Sensas Desque to a size 18 hook on the 8mtr line.
This was the bottom of a drop off.
I used Maggot, Casters and Worm as baits, fished over
a mix of Sensas groundbaits
which were Sensas Magic,Gros Gardons and Brown Crumb.
Hemp seed was loose fed as were Casters and Maggots.
The only fish caught on this line was this 2ld 3oz Skimmer.
which took chopped worm.
The inner line at 5mtrs was fished with a 1.25grm Durafloat
again with size 18 hooks.
Same Baits again but this time ground bait was not used.
I had a one more skimmer, a few Roach and Dace
as well as the usual small Perch.

In total I ended up with 5ld 6oz.
Most were caught on Caster, except the Perch
which loved the Maggot as usual.

This photo shows the biggest Roach and smaller Skimmer.
Watch out for Ferry Boat No 7
the skipper kept trying to hit the end of my Pole with the boat.
Think a letter to the harbour master is required.


peter said...

Just joined your blog,this is great,wouldnt mind seeing how you fish the public park lakes eastville & st george...eastville is super & very underated,st george is is good although a bit to busy at time and a little daunting at time with the public...cheers all the best!!

Oleg Gurjanov said...

Hi very good idea of the Blog... Enjoying reading it... and a lot of INFO and other stuff :) ant funny at the times :) i do fishing a lot as well, mainly not far from where i leave... St George, Eastville, River Cotham, sometimes abbots pool... I need to know more places where to fish... And is it ok to fish in Balic Dwarf with normal Float Rod and reel? and also How and where do i pay for a day ticket for Duchess Lake?
Thank you, Oleg