Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rockingham 05-07-11

High tide this morning was at 10.51
and 12.7mtrs.

I used my usual Pennell Pulley rig and Wishbone,
as well as a Carp rod.

Bait used was Rag worm.

The two beach casters were fished out to about 80mtrs
and the Carp Rod no more than 30mtrs.

The Beach Casters managed 1 fiddly bite and nothing else

First cast with the Carp rod produced a Snotty.
About half an hour before high tide this 27cm
Sole latched on to the bait,
apart from that there were only 5 or 6 other bites with nothing banked.
These two photos show the distance the water is out
from the bank when I cast first cast out.

Around 25 horses are now roaming around the grass bank.
One off which managed to escape on to the main road
and caused havoc with the traffic.

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