Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bagwood Carp 09-08-11

Popped over to Bagwood Lake this morning,
Rusty had fished the night and blanked,
So I didn't expect to much.
Having left the pole at home I was forced 
to fish with carp tactics.

This was my peg.
 I used my carp rod that I take sea fishing
as well as a Barble rod with light tip.
Baits used were a mix of Boillies,
sweetcorn, and various pellets. 
 These were fished over beds of mixed trout pellets

 and mixed seed
 I started fishing at 08.00 
At 13.40 I got my first proper run and this 15lb 9oz
Common came to the net.
Thanks must go to the Golfer who took the photo.
 About an hour latter this 14ld 10oz
Mirror carp came from the same swim.
I used a standard ledger rig with a boilie 
on a hair rig for the carp.

My other rod was a swim feeder rig with a mix of sweetcorm and various
pellets and coctails.

I headed home at 16.00.

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