Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First trip of the year, Duchess Pond 10-01-12

For my first trip of the year,
I decided to pop down to
Duchess Pond.
Hoping after the the rain it would
be deeper than usual.
BUT OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!
The level had dropped right out,
and was only about 
3 foot.

Started fishing the pole at 
Using a combination of
Hemp, Worm, Casters
Maggot and Bread
over ground bait and mashed bread.
From the off, 08.15,
I caught small Roach, Skimmers and Hybrids.
By 10.00 I had a couple of pounds
of small fish.

I then decided to try
chopped worm and Casters,
on a caged feeder
to 14 hook,
half way across the lake.
Straight off a 3lder ish Bream was in the net,
a steady stream of  Bream then followed,
best was around 5ld.

The bites stopped around 11.15 as usual,
So at 12.30 with nothing else for the net 
I packed up and headed home.

Nice trip with warm weather
and light wind.


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