Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Baltic Wharf 20-03-12

First outing down Bristol Docks
Started at 08.00
with my new pole.
Fished peg 20 by the black pipe.
I noticed a heavy right to left
tow and this strange vessel 
making a horrible noise.
The vessel is a dredger and boy 
did it upset everyone.

At times it was like fishing a river,
back eddies, whirlpools and
water colour changes.

With only one crunched caster
to after two hours,
I started to think
about heading home.

But a 3oz Roach took
double red maggot,
so stay I did.
Some more shy bites and
things started to look up.
Eventually I did manage a
Dace on caster.

The dredger eventually moved to my right
and the water cleared,
with the slowing flow
so the bites started again.

However it didn't last long
but just before the flow started again
a nice 1/2lb Roach
was landed.

With the heavy tow picking up again 
I decided to head
home and do some gardening.

The Maver Competition  301 pole
is very good,
just look forward to
catching some bigger fish.

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