Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday down Baltic Wharf

Baltic Wharf this morning at 07.30
as I was setting up.
Looking east towards
 Looking west towards 
Ashton Court.

The photos don't tell you
there was a frost over night.

Fished a peg to the right of my last visit,
this peg is one I usually.
I fished maggot and caster over my usual ground bait
mix and mashed bread, with hemp and pellets.

Usual rigs were used but I ended up
with size 14 hooks instead of 20 and 18s.

First bite was after 7 minutes a nice
Skimmer of around 2lb.
A roach of 6oz was next.
Then another 2lb Skimmer.
All by 1/2 past 8.

Then for the next 2 hours I could not get a bite.

About 10.30
the float pulled under very slowly,
but I pulled out of a good fish.
After a couple more pull outs, I tried the size 14 hooks.

Now I started hooking in to the Skimmers
Slowly but surely the net had a few more fish.

By 12.00 I had 10 Skimmers 2 roach and a perch,
for around 11lb.

One of the other anglers there thought I had managed over 20lb.
Amazing! He told me he had managed 40lb
in 4 days. He failed to catch.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Do you need a permit/day ticket to fish Baltic Wharf?

Many thanks