Thursday, 24 May 2012

6 species down Baltic Wharf 24-05-12

Down to the usual peg at Baltic this morning.
Fished from 08.00 till 13.00
First hour was great with a steady stream of
small Roach, Dace and Skimmers.
These came to red and white maggot
over my normal ground bait,
and loose feed of maggot, caster, trout pellet and hemp.
The fish were caught an inch or two of the bottom.

I then went an inch over depth as the bites had 
dried up.
Some larger Skimmers then showed but soon legged it.
After a wait this 2lb 4oz Mullet took red and white
maggot on the bottom.
(Sorry for poor photo! Shoot the camera man!)
 The rig was dropped back in the water while I 
weighed and sorted out the fish.
This tiny Elver took the size 16 hook from
right in close.
The fishing was very slow after that with one more
10 inch eel and more skimmers were caught.
I guess about 5lb of mixed grill plus the
mullet, so not to bad.
So a standard morning down Baltic
but still very enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Not a bad day had 8 1/2lb of Dace/Roach/Perch and a lovely bream of about 4lb ,Very hot later on,fish seemed to move up and down in the water,must productive though was about 8ft double red about a rod length out when I caught the big bream and better fish.

Highlight of the day though a EEL of about 8oz that bit me while I unhooked him. He grazed my finger and drew blood. (baby Conger???looked like he had a front tooth).

See you again.


Pat said...

Hi Shaun,
Yep they were touchy. The docks match was very similar. 1st and 2nd had around 10lb or so each. So not dissimilar to our results.