Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Short trip down Snuffs.

Had an hour and a half free
this afternoon
so popped down to the
Frome again.
Half a dozen slices of Braces
medium sliced bread
in my pocket.
I set up my
waggler rod and centre pin reel.
Feeding some loose bits of bread 
at the various swims
I walked the bank.
The colour had dropped out
and the flow slowed up. 
 Bites were few and far between
but I did manage to catch
3 x Roach, a Dace and a Chub.
 All around the 1/2lb size.
This photo shows the 
crease between the faster water (patches of bubbles),
and the slack water, closest to the bank.
All the fish were caught where the two meet.
A very relaxing hour 
on the bank.


Anonymous said...


Moving into the frenchay are soon just off of where the Harvester is and wondered how you get to snuff mills and where the free stretches are?

Any help much appreciated.

Pat said...

From Eastville Park upstream to Colston Wear. Then from Blackberry / Broom Hill bridge upstream. These are the free stretches as well as Eastville Park lake. The Snuff mill is upstream from Blackberry Hill /Broom Hill along River View.