Thursday, 16 August 2012

River Frome 16-08-12

With everything settling down at home
I popped down to
the Frome.
Started fishing around 9am
in a swim I've not
fished before.
The water had a good pace
but quite coloured after yesterdays rain.

After 20 or so runs down the swim
with a Crow Quill Avon float,
size 18 micro barbed hook on 2lb line
to 5lb main line.
I caught this Gudgeon on 
double red maggot.
Not seen one in a while.
 Also managed a 
small Dace.
I fed a dozen or so maggots at least every
run through the swim.
This was my second swim 
but it failed to produced.

It was getting dark now 
as can be seen
with this photo
of a small dace from swim 3.
This was a harder swim to fish
with plenty of over hanging
 The fourth swim had a longer
run plus the over hanging
branches on the far bank.
Once again I could not 
tempt the fish out of this swim.
 Really expected to catch some thing
from here
as I've seen some good
fish in the past.
I moved on to what proved to be my last swim.
Same tactics were the same.
However the the smaller Roach, Dace
Gudgeon and Minnows
were out to play here.
After catching 10 fish
in quick succession
the heavens opened
and it ended up more
like autumn!
As a usual when it rains that hard
the river started pushing hard and there 
was loads of leaves, branches
as well as other rubbish.
I could not get the float to run through properly
so packed up
and paddled back to car.

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