Monday, 4 February 2013

Second fishing trip of the year,
was to the Bristol Frome.

Maggot was the bait
and used my Centre pin reel 
and waggler rod.
Fishing from 
09.30 till 12.00.

I had great time only fishing
two swims.
The second swim produced 
4 Roach all over 1lb.
This was the best at
1lb 12oz.
 I also had 4 small trout
the best was
 The first swim produced
2 small Dace
and two Chub,
both over 2lb.
This was best at
2lb 15oz.
Also hungry today were
Loads of Minnows.
Top 2 1/2 hours fishing.

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Jamie said...

some cracking fish there, nice read