Thursday, 2 May 2013

Baltic Wharf 02-05-13

A chance to get down to
Baltic Wharf 
this morning, produced some nice sport.

I started fishing at
and used  maggot and caster
over ground bait.
I loose feed 6- 10 maggots
and caster as well as hemp
every couple of minutes.

10 minutes in and a good Dace 
was in the bag,
and that started a steady
flow of bites.
This ended up producing
about 4lb
Dace, Skimmers
and a couple of roach.

All bites were on the
7 - 9 mtr line.

What a lovely
morning's fishing.
I packed up at 12.15.

Watch out for the
it knows there are plenty of fish 
out there.


kenj said...

My daughter lives in Baltic Wharf and have often thought about bringing a rod down on my visits. Is it free fishing?
Likewise I once received a comment on my Blog with reference to fly fishing on the Bristol Frome. Is this water controlled by a club and where would the best bits be for fly fishing?

Pat said...

Bristol Docks and the Feeder canal are free fishing, as is the Avon from the Feeder lock up stream to the next lock.
The Frome from the Snuff Mill to Frenchay is also free as is the stretch from Eastvile park to Colstan weir. Colstan Weir to the Snuff mill is run by the Bristol Amalgamation club.
Hope this helps.