Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Loads of fish down Duchess lake. 08-04-14

Decided to have a chuck into
Duchess lake today.
I fished from
08.30 till 14.00.
I picked a swim
by the island.
I put a Halibut boillie
with loose fed pellet
bits of boillie,
by the tip of the
Then I spent
the rest of the day 
float fishing.
Using Maggot on a 
size 16 hook
to 2lb hook length,
I fed loose maggots
about six at a time to start with.
As the bites got 
more positive I increased the
freebies to a full pouch
every cast.
Red and white Maggot were the favored
As can be seen,
the wind was westerly
and right to left.
I caught most
mainly over 1/2 way across.
In the end
I caught over 200
Roach, Bream, Hybrid Roach / Bream
and Perch.
Nothing over 6oz.

Thats the most fish I have caught
in one session
for over 15 years.
I think that was at Bagwood lake before
it was changed.

The sleeper rod did not 
have any signs of interest.

One angler at the M32 end
managed a couple of small
Two youngsters
on the opposite bank had fun on the Silver fish
as well. 

That really was a
proper days fishing.

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