Sunday, 14 December 2014

Out at last. OR. Unlucky 13th.

At last, escape chit in the bits box,
frost scraped off the wind screen
I headed up to Limply Stoke.
The Avon was up, brown and flowing.
I had fed a few swims as usual 
and set up by 07.15.
There was a shallow mist across the fields
and mist rising off the river.
Over the next couple of hours
all my equipment turned white with frost,
and the eyes on the rod froze.

 From the first boillie baited cast
leaves were a real problem.
Some times lifting the bait like a kite.
Bait presentation was just about impossible.
So after two hours I moved to 
my second swim.
This one also proved to be
problematic, with snags everywhere.
Time for my next swim.
This one had a back eddy 
under my feet and a good crease
with a strong flow down the middle.
 I put one rod under an over hanging bush
to my left and one out to the crease.
Using various baits
from paste to Boillie and pellets to meat,
I failed to get even a tickle of a bite.
It was great to see a couple of male
Goldcrests in the trees,
as well a Little Egret flying past.
So a beautiful day out, I enjoyed
the wildlife and fishing, even if I didn't catch.

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