Monday, 8 February 2016

So what been happening?

Well I've been busy doing the caring thing
for She Who Must be Obeyed.
As the weather has been a bit on the 
grotty side. I took an hour off
and popped down the Frome.
The River was up and running as expected.
 Charging through and just in its bank,
a bit coffe coloured as well.
 At least the foot path didn't fell left out.
 Looking at the Environment Agencies web site
it was showing that the Frome was running 2 mtrs,
at 13.00.
The Frome's  normal height is between 0.24 and 1.39mtrs
the highest recorded was 3 mtrs.
Nice standing wave at the bottom of the shoot.

As for the future, well I will be 
sorting it out, fishing wise as soon as life settles down. 

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