Sunday, 10 April 2016

The I.C.I. Pipes area. 10-06-16

Well after some further medical drama
for She who must be obeyed,
I managed to be dragged out the house by 
my son Jason
With Black Lug, Squid and Peeler Crab
and a 14.2 mtr tide
we trundled down to the Severn Beach.
Some diversion was needed due to road work 
on the A403.
We started fishing around 08.15
and fished till 11.00,
high water was at 10.10.
 From the off, grass type
weed was a big problem along with
not managing to hold the bottom
with 190 and 210 grm leads.
 Bites were few and difficult to see.
I managed 5 small Codling, (all returned)
while Jason had one a bit bigger than
 Well as can be seen the weather grand,
the only down side was an easterly wind.
Thanks Jason for dragging me out,
it was a great trip.

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