Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ladye Bay 31-05-16

A chance to get out came up
so I legged it down to Clevedon
for 05.00.
I chose the ledges for the low tide
session, with the low at 09.18.
 I used Lug and Squid for bait,
with this small Conger being the
action, taking a whole Squid on a
Pennell Pulley rig.
 The wind was quite brisk from the
north /  north east.
It was also a beautiful sunny morning
and surprisingly I was on my own.
Which means that the Channel is fishing
 After the first Conger I had a
Codling just short of keeper size,
taking Lug worm on a wishbone rig.
This was followed by a slightly
larger Conger on the wishbone rig 
just before low water.
 At low water another Codling
took the wishbone rig as well.
With turn of the tide so the weed
started showing its self.
All during the tide the line
had the sticky mud causing
bunching on the line
which blocked the shock leader
from passing through the
top eye.
On winding in the last
cast I found these two tiddlers,
a Whiting and a Pouting.
Well I guess its still baby time out there,
and with some bait left over I
have another chance to fish
on Thursday.
Fingers crossed the larger fish are
out to play.

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