Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lady Bay Ledges 26-10-16

With Squid, Mackerel, Lug and Rag 
I got to my chosen spot on the ledges
at 1pm.
High water was 5.05pm ans 11.2m.
As can be seen there was a light chop on the sea
with a slight southerly wind.
This is one of 4 fishing boats from
Portishead anchored off 1st point.
 For the first couple of hours
the baits were not touched.
It was not until the tide began to slacken
that the first bite was seen.
This produced this Doggie (Cat shark)
on the Squid Mackerel cocktail wrap pennell pulley rig.
 Next bite, which I didn't see was a tiny
Whiting on Lug over Rag pennell pulley rig.
 Not long after, another drop back bite produced
another Doggie.
Then I had two more good rattles on the Squid / Mackerel
On both, the bait  came back totally wrecked.
Third time lucky on the rattles produced
this strap Conger.
 Another three tiny Whiting were caught
on the worm rig. Even with 4/0 hooks
they were lip hooked so went back alive
and kicking.
So with the bait having run out
ant the sun going to bed
I packed up at 6pm.
Once again another
great trip but this time with more success.

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