Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bagwood lake 06-08-09

One of the Bream caught on the pole

My grandson Kyle admiring a 3ld Tench

Good its ugly, Jet black Carp.

Russells 24ld 6oz Carp

Yep back to the fishing again.
My eldiest son said he was going to fish this lake
so I decided I would tag along.
Escape chit in hand I left home at 06.45 and headed
to the lake.
Russell had just woken up having fished threw the night.
I set up my 14.5 mtr pole and my Bardel rod. Russell gave me on of his
Carp rigs he uses and so was ready to fish.
Russell told me to fish the pole rig next to a Lilly plant 14mtrs
in front of my swim and I put the Carp rig around 20mtrs out
and 5mtrs left of the pole line.
Straight away Maggots and Casters bought the small Roach and Rudd
up in plaque proportions.
So Sweet Corn was the next bait to try and straight away
a Skimmer Bream was caught. GO THE POLE.
Next the Barble rod started nodding and a 4ld Bream was landed.
Sweet corn again the bait.
Cast it back out and again the pole float dipped and stayed down
yahoo another Bream on, this time
3LD 10OZ.
And so it continued.
Until 11.30 when the bites died out,
and the rain started.
The rain the forcasters said was not going to hit Bristol!
Don't we love the Met Office.
Russell managed 2 Carp one weighed 24ld 6oz. and some Bream.
Hope to escape again on thursday 20 August.

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