Monday, 31 August 2009

Dutchess Lake 31-08-09 Part 2

Waggler fishing at 8ft from the bank and 20ft to my left
over a patch of Hemp, mixed pellet and sweetcorn,
with sweetcorn on the hook produced the biggest fish of the day
this Skimmer Bream of around a pound.
My grandson helped wind in this little Roach
Mixed pellet ready for use.

Sweetcorn can work well but was not at its best today

PVA bag filled with pellets and crushed boillie.
Loose boillies ready to throw on top of the rig.

The feeder rod was very poor today, producing 2 3oz skimmers,
the waggler rod was best catching around 5ld of fish, mainly small roach.
The carp rod blanked, no wonder I don't enjoy that style of fishing.

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