Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nautical School 14-10-09

Fished this muddy spot from 08.00 till 13.00.
Low tide was at 11.00.
Baits were my usual, Ragworm, Squid and Mackeral.
Once again the rigs were Live bait rigs with size 2 - 3/0 hooks.
First cast out and very quickly whilst setting up my second rod
I had a drop back bite. But I missed it.
Then I managed to get both rods out.
One of the rods had a very slow pull down of the tip, Oh no not weed thinks I.
A few minutes later it slowly lifted back up and then rattled.
I struck into the bite and yahoo weight on.
Shortly this Thorney was on the weedy rocks. Around the 8 to 9 ld mark
So after that I had two more fish on the bank,
one was this tiny Conger and the other a tiny Codling.
As can be seen its a bit muddy and there are some rocks
out there that catch your rigs.
As can be seen,a flat calm and quite warm.
Not good for catching COD!!!!!

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