Sunday, 4 October 2009

Rockingham 04-10-09

Arrived at Rockingham at 06.00 and set up three rods.
Two Diawa STS13RGM with SL2OSH multiplyers,
and my Abu Garcia Specimen 2 1/4ld test curve rod.
Baits used were Rag, Squid and Mackie.
The first fish was this plump little Codling which fell to
Zipp slider running ledger to size 1 hook with Rag worm.
This rig was only cast out no more than 20yrds.
Then a Whiting was pulled in on one one of the RGM rods,
the Whiting were all caught with Rag / Squid cocktail.
The other RGM also had a small Codling on when wound in.
I didn't see the bites on either one of the two RGMs.
In all I ended up with 19 fish but only 2 were keepers.
7 Codling (2 keepers), 6 Whiting and 6 Snotties.
The Abu rod at 20yrds had 8 of the fish with one of the keepers
which included all the the Snotties.
This bunch of weed luckily was only a problen on the ebb tide.

The high tide was at 08.00 and was 12.7mtrs.
Weather was warm and light winds.
I fished untill 09.30 when the tide had got to the
bottom of the bank.

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