Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cottage, Portishead 09-10-10

Fished the ledge by the Cottage from 06.15 till 10.30.
It was a 14.2mtr at 08.51.
To cut a long story short "BLANKED"

This photo shows the tide at its highest
If there was a westerly wind behind the tide I'd have been in trouble!!!

As can be seen it was a dull day with an north easterly wind.
This car transporter is heading for Portbury Docks

I was using Pennell Pulley rigs with size 3/0 hooks.
Baits used were Lug, Rag and Squid.

At the top of the tide there was a lot of floating bladder weed
which caused me to loss three rigs. AAARRRGGG.

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