Sunday, 10 October 2010

New mark :- the pipes 10-10-10

Fished a new venue today.
A 10 minute walk along from the Severn Beach
there is a spot that is the same as fishing Rockingham,
except that this is whats in front of you instead of mud!
The mud starts further out.

As can be seen from this photo (looking towards Severn Beach)
its just beyond the grass bank.

This time I used the pulley rig on one rod with whole squid
and a Wishbone rig with rag and lug on the other
15 minutes before the top of the tide and the first bite
of the day produced this Codling on the lug baited wishbone.
At the top of the tide, 09.30, a nice plump flounder found
the rag baited wishbone hook.
This under sized flounder came to the lug/rag baited
wishbone rig and was returned alive, 10 minutes later.

No more bites were seen and I packed up around 10.30.

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