Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dutchess Lake again 12-05-11

With plenty of bait left over I decided
to chase the small fish down Dutchy again.

Used the same rigs but with new hook lenghts,
same baits and same swim.
Fished 8am till 1pm.

This time the wind was straight in my face
and gusty, making bait presentation difficult.
There a few more sleeping fishermen,
oops, I mean Carp fishermen.
Once again they suffered a fish less
5 hours, as far as I could see.

I started as I left it,
a bite a cast but lots of small fish
and a few dropped fish as well.

Nothing big, about 3/4 ld skimmer the best on the pole.
I managed to get around12ld in the net in the end.

However I used a ledger rod set up to my right,
with sweetcorn fished over a carpet
of sweetcorn and hemp.
The only good run produced
this Bream of 3ld 6oz.
Another good Dutchy fishing day.

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