Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Christian Malford 21-06-11

Well it a good drive up the M4
and on to Christian Malford.
I chose to fish the bend in the first field above the weir.
Having got the first rod set up, I realised
that I was in trouble as these cows popped by to be nosey.
There must have been around 30 of these cows and they got to
friendly for my liking, so I moved to the lower stretch.
I fished at the end of the first field with over hanging trees on the other bank.
These two small Perch were the best fish of the day.
I used both a feeder rod and a float rod.
Size 18 to 14 hooks and Maggot, Caster and various
pellets as bait.
End result was 4 tiny Chub, 4 tiny dace, the 2 perch and 1 minnow.
As can be seen the entire is covered with Cabbages (water Lillies).
This photo shows one of the over hanging trees on the opposite bank.
This is where most of the fish were caught on the float.
A view down stream of me, one good take on the
feeder rod, which I missed. Came from the over
hanging tree on the left.

With a gusty upstream breeze and little flow
I failed to get very good bait presentation on the
float rod so guess that was me problem.

I chatted to other fishermen and they had the same problem.
On gentleman (who lives just up the road from me)
said it was the worst session he had had in many years
especially with the cabbages.

All in all a poor start to the new river season.

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