Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Windmill Fishery, new venue.

Went and had a look at this set of 4 lakes which has
recently opened.
Its located off the Westerly Road about 1/2 mile from
the turning to Bitterwell lake.
The 4 lakes are:-
Carp lake (below) with fish to 25ld
18 pegs
Specimen Lake
18 pegs with a central island
stocked with
Roach, Bream,Tench, Perch and Carp
Silver fish lake
is as the sign says
32 peg Match Lake
again as it says on the sign
For more info look at

Prices from £5 for 1 rod for an evening {after 5pm}
up to £20 (max 2 rods) for a day and night ticket.

Not my cup of tea, but might give it a try?

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coxy1983 said...

myself and my step dad tryed the carp lake yest sat 17th march. even tho every1 on the lake blanked it's a nice lake. weather was terrable there,in few yrs when trees have grown will give abit off cover.
i do think that £10 is a little bit steep 4 the carp lake,as its a new fishery £7 is about right untill it up and running properly..
i will be going back in a few weeks 2 give it another go with my brother,as it's local 4 both of us