Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nice 6 hours down Portishead way. 24-06-12

Decided to use up the 
left over bait from my last trip.
Looking at the weather and 
thinking about the 
problems of the last trip,
I decided to fish the 
shingle bank at the Yacht club.

Fishing from 07.00 till 13.30
high was at 10.59 

Weather was dull then light showers
as the cloud broke up
and warm.
Stiff gusty breeze
was from the south west.

Baits were
rag, lug and squid.

Rigs used were 
wishbone pennel pulley and 3 hook flapper.

I had 3 known bites
two were codling around
One was caught about 8.30
the other 45 minutes before 
high water.

The third was a possible 
The bite was a good pull down
and line was pulled off the reel.
On striking I could feel the fish
but the rig was snagged.

It pulled well and
I guessed I was also dragging
in a rock.
However the rig snagged
and the line broke.
I found the rig as tide
and it was well tangled
and indeed had a rock

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