Wednesday, 31 October 2012

River Frome Stapleton 30-10-12

A couple of hours free, 
saw me fishing down
near the Snuff Mill.

Well, looks like my 
luck at catching big fish
was missing again.

Only managed
around 20

Maggot and Casters were the bait 
used, and Crow Quill
Avon to size 18 to 14 hooks.

One of the other 
anglers down had the same result.

To cap it all.
One of the residents
on the opposite bank told 
there was no fishing allowed.
This is because
they have made the area a
nature reserve.

The bank in question is the
right hand bank
upstream of
 Broom Hill
road bridge.

21 years fishing that stretch, 
on and off,
and out of the blue
was told no go.
No signs up
and no one else
knows about it

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