Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bagwood Lake 10-10-12

Took the pole for an outing today,
fishing the same swim as last time,
I used Maggot and Caster 
over Hemp, Sweetcorn and Pellets.
Also put the Barbel rod out with Sweetcorn 
over Hemp, Pellets Corn.

The Barbel rod only managed
3 small Skimmers
and this
9lb 9oz
Common Carp.
 The pole at 11.5mtrs 
with a 1.25g Durafloat
to 5lb line and 2 1/2lb hooklenght
with a size 14 hook.
Fished just off the bottom
the Roach started feeding
straight away.
By 10am the the fish
switched off.
Except these two perch
the best was 2lb.51/2oz.
The Roach which was caught in the afternoon
was 1lb 2 1/2oz.
In total I had 17lb 11oz on the pole.

Weather was warm
overcast with a light breeze.

Next trip
Saturday evening sea fishing
with Rusty,
venue to be confirmed.

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