Friday, 16 November 2012

Good morning on the Frome. 16-11-12

Popped down the Bristol Frome
this morning from 09.00 till 12.00.
Took the trusty Maver rod and
Okuma Sheffield centre pin reel.

My usual lower swims failed
to produced.
So headed up stream.
and one swim fished its head off.
The following fish were caught 
during two sessions there.
First non Minnow was this
Roach at around 1/2 lb.
 Followed soon after by this
1lb 6oz Roach.
 After a stroll and
stopping off at a few
more swims 
up stream.
With only a few Minnows
I returned to bend swim.
Straight away
I had another
followed by this 
1/2lb Chub.
 Then this 1lb chub
on the next cast.
 Once again on the next cast
1lb 1oz
Roach was a short but deep fish.
 A couple of casts later
this beautiful
2lb 2oz Chub
came to net. 
With a couple of dozen Minnows,
a small trout and a few more smaller Roach,
loads of sunken leaves,
and a 3 foot broken dog lead
That proved to be in the top
10 fishing trips on the Frome. 

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