Friday, 1 March 2013

Rockingham 01-03-13

Popped down to that local venue
High tide was at
09.20 and 13.3mtrs.
So got down there at 07.00,
set up and first
cast was at 07.15.
Bang straight into a
10 inch Flounder.
It took rag / lug 
on a 3/0 pennel rig.
That was it.
4 rods out 
from 15mtrs
80 mtrs.

I didn't cast further as
the muddy grass / plastic
was a problem.
Plenty of pinging
all morning.

As can be seen
the tide came over the top of the bank.
This was safe as the wind north easterly
and the pressure high.

 I there had been a
south wester,
Than the tide 
would have gone further in 
and the reels on the rods would have been under water.

The stick in front of the rods
is there to as marker.
If the tide had risen
then I would not have gone beyond it. 

The wind was light and chilly,
other wise it was another enjoyable trip.

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