Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Lacock again, 13-08-13

I know I said I wouldn't go there
till after the summer hols,
but I just had to have a float
fish again.
I did my usual system of
feeding as I walked up stream.

As it was cloudy I hoped to catch
a larger Chub or two.
In a few inaccessible swims
there were a couple of chub around
the 2lb mark.
However they appeared to be feeding off a 
hatch of small insects, as were the Dace and
small Chub.

I ended up with around 30lb of Chub, Roach, Dace and Gudgeon.
Nothing bigger than a 9oz Chub.

It was a very pleasant mornings fishing, I fished from 06.00 till
13.00. Maggot and Krill pellets were the main baits with
Luncheon meat and bread.
Hemp was loose fed with maggots every minute or so.  

One sad note was when my son told me
an eastern European man had taken 
a small Chub  from the Frome.
He was taken aback when
my son told him he put them back.

Surely its about time the 
Environment Agency should
get out and about and try to stop this happening.
I have not had my licence checked
for 8 years and 15 years on the Frome.
That day caught 5 people with out licences.

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