Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Second 4lb chub of the season. 30-07-13

Another couple of hours on the Frome
near Frenchey,
Having feed 4 swims as I
walked up stream
it was good to see a little more flow
and colour.
Also I saw more fish on the surface
so I now have more swims to check out
on another trip.
The first 2 swims produced some
nice small Chub and Roach.
I was using my usual Centre Pin Reel and rod,
5BB Crow Quill Avon float
to size 14 hook and red and white maggot.
The Maggots had been sprinkled in a 
spicy flavouring.

My third swim produced Small Chub, Roach
Minnows and wonderful Rudd.
Then the float just sunk slowly and
trundled out to the far bank.
The ratchet on the centre pin
singing nicely.
The end result was this 4lb 2oz Chub.
Short but chubby fish.  
Nice little Dace
And pretty little Rudd.

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