Wednesday, 22 January 2014

River Avon 20-01-14

With She Who Must Be Obeyed
getting better  quicker than expected
I trundled up the misty M4 
to Lacock.

With a heavy frost on the ground
and the Avon inside its bank (Just)
I set my usual rigs with
Maggot, Worm, Luncheon meat and Pellets
for bait and loose feed.

Just looking at this photos shows what a
great winters day it was.
 I tried 3 different swims.
In two, there was no interest in the baits
at all.
 In the third I had some
knocks before the upstream
rod pulled round.
This produced the rig being snagged 
and a lost rig.
The second pull again on the up stream rod,
whilst I was talking to my brother on the phone,
was a good strong take
which was probably a 
Unfortunately the hook knot gave and the fish 
was lost.
Well as it was now nearly
2pm I had to pack up.
I fished  7.30 till 2pm.

Note to self check out the knots 


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyones had a good start to the new year.

Pat said...

Yep. Too true. I have struggled to get back into river fishing like I used to.
Not much point being out sea fishing at the moment as there is nothing out there.