Thursday, 9 January 2014

First trip of 2014

Popped down to the Frome
as I had a couple of hours
while the the Mrs was resting.

As expected the water was milky
tea colour and plenty of  pace.
I used some very smelly maggots
that had been in the fridge for two weeks.

Well I did not blank.
One tiny Minnow took the
red maggot on a size 22 to 2lb hook length. 
I had only dropped the rig in the close as
a dog was messing about around
my feet.

I think its time to try out
the old
pole feeder float method.
It used to work a treat down there.
Feeder or ledger fishing down
there does not work as there
is a rocky bottom and snags the rig every time.

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