Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Duchess 25-05-14

Maggot attack again
on the
centre Pin and float road.
Also put out a ledger
with sweetcorn
over a bed of
Trout pellet and sweetcorn.

The wind was right in my face
with strong gusts.
This gave me some good
practice at casting a float
on the centre pin.

The Roach were
not quite as abundant
as last time
but were of a better size. 
I had a few at around the 
1lb mark.
Skimmers and perch made up
the rest
as well as a single Gudgeon.
Around 10lb of fish was caught,
all on the float rod.
The ledger didn't even twitch.

I fished from 2pm till 7pm,

I had a short chat with a carp angler
he told me that only 1 carp had come out
in the previous 48 hours.
I know what type of fishing I enjoy
the most.
The lake was packed.

Role on the the 16th June.
Rivers here I come.

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