Thursday, 1 May 2014

Misty start down Duchess. 30-03-14

Leaving home the fog was 
down to under 100 meters,
down by the lake
it was starting to clear.
As can been seen it was also
flat calm.
 I'm not sure but it may have been the
mirror flat surface that caused me
to have a slow start.
However after 15 minutes or so
the Roach had woken up.
They readily gobbled up the
Maggots and soon the Skimmers, Perch
and Gudgeon were feeding as well.
 The two Roach above weighed
1lb 3oz between them.
Also as can be seen
they have some damage to their
scales. Quite a lot
were in this state.
I wonder if they have been
The fish were not quite so numerous
but still came in thick and fast.
Maggot was the main attack
on waggler, with
pellet on the Quiver rod.

Maybe the pole next time
with ground bait.

I saw quite a few Carp
on the surface so guess
its floater fishing next time!
Really? Me Carp fishing?
Unheard of. 

Met a reader of my Blog,
very nice to meet you,
look forward to seeing down there fishing.

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