Thursday, 26 June 2014

River Frome 23-06-14

At last with my escape chit in hand
I headed down to the local river for my first
2014 river fishing season
With pole in hand and box
on its trolley,
set up a spot which had produced
in the past.
Fishing between 8mtrs and 13mtrs'
I used a No 5 elastic, 1grm float to 3lb mainline
and 2lb hook length.
This allowed me to have a fast or slow
sink pattern.
What I saw when I got to my swim,
was 3 shoals of Dace on the surface
Mackerel style.
I started loose feeding 
maggot and casters from the off.
Then I mixed my groundbait ,
putting 6 golf balls at 8 meters.
Well it was a good start
with Dace readily taking the double
maggot on size 16 hook.
This also kept the Minnows 
from having the hook.
There were also some small Chub
 caught. These fish were up to
around the 9 oz mark.
Having arrived at 2 pm 
it was not until 7 pm that I managed
to get a better bite.
This was at 13mtrs under an overhanging bush.
I had tried this spot a few times without a bite,
with continual loose feeding this paid off in the end.
This 2lb 12oz Chub tugged the elastic out
and gave a good account of its self.
The keepnet ended up
with 12lb 3oz of lovely
Dace and Chub with a couple of

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